are you?


She said:
Are you riding on the back of a shooting star and clinging to the harmony of the galaxies afar?
Are you wandering in the streets of your hearts desire and spinning in the vast ocean of the blue-eyed butterfly?

I am plagued with remembering back on the days where the sun-kissed our souls and lifted us up with its rays…days where the wind spoke to us of its misty corners…I miss feeling like i was a feather…nothing on my shoulders or my back to carry…just an open mind and some music to dance by…some stars to sing by and a river to fly by…
I can feel it! I feel a tremendous change coming! I can feel myself on the verge of walking on water! a miraculous life is on its way.

He said:
A vast world full of hope, I traveled far, I traveled long…i waited for the answers but none arrived…I looked inside my own heart and saw everything i love and hate, i looked into your heart and only saw love perfectly absent of hate. the pain will come before bliss and then we will see who has stuck by their word and who has fled in fear…but please do not cast your shadow upon those who have feared. We all were scared…remember?


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