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Starving for Love



is starving for touch to send its wings into the deep sky.


wants to shower under the dust of the stars,

wearing nothing but the essence of its existance.


is starving, looking at you,

leaving dust that shines at your feet.


are starving for love to clothe your existence.


To know me


you want to know my life, open a pomegranate and ask the seeds how I’ve planted them.
you want to understand me, speak to me with your
eyes. See me with the clarity of water.
you want to know me, ask the mountains.
They all know me. They know me very well.

midnight awakening


I awoke to a cloudless sky, to a red rooftop that reminded me of the far east, to my tea steaming warm against my face, to thoughts of hope to memories of the past.

I awoke to a day.

But I have not let go of all the yesterdays. It has remained in the crevices of my wrinkled hands.

I. I am. That feels strange, to actually recognize my self. To recognize the “I” before the world. To make “I” visible and the world…the world invisible.



talk aloud.
let words be heard outwardly.
let the tongue rejoice in its existence.
let language explore its own birth.
let understanding transmit grace in abundance.
tell me things. what do you see? where do you go? how do you spend your days?

let your words rise with sound.  a yell a murmur a broken sentence the whimsy of laughter.
let it be. but let it out.
allow it to breathe outside of you.

Inner Communication


Walking on glazed leaves fallen righteously at my feet.

You leave trails of magic for me to step upon, like bombs planted in a field they explode their shimmery components onto my day and onto my life. I want to find more of You in each day. I want You to indulge Yourself into my body and bring out love that smells so sweet as though a flower caught in the drench of summer heat as night time falls.

I am in love with the world with the promises the adventures that You bestow upon me. I am mesmerized at the grace at the sheer idea of how profound Your love stretches. I love the line “ask and you shall receive” it has been so since I have come to understand Your ways, Your presence. You walking with me, placing me where a moment demands me to be.

Sometimes, like all times.

Some things, like all things.

All ways, are like Your ways and my way,

and in the minutes,

in the few minutes it all appears as it was meant to.

You can break inside my skin.

Be Four a Moment


1 million engines on neutral
6000 operas in silence
3872 lives dragged across a white line
411 m lowest point at the sea that is not alive
92 years since the end of kings
17 opening the door to your cage
5 continents in turmoil

2 strangers trying to be one

1 lifetime behind your moment.

Hello world!


I’m happy to be in the process of publishing my second book!!! It’s been an amazing experience working on this book, mostly because all the contents have come to life through my travels and through my real experiences.  Stay tuned for more.