lost souls conversing


Heating up under a hot summer night, stars gone dim but the moon still bright, warm tropical breeze, an intoxicating melody burning blue like sapphire and two lost souls conversing in good spirits.

two days…one bus…too many strangers…not enough sleep…darkness and then light…light then darkness…two days in constant movement…I think I’ve figured out this world once more…it’s always clear when the body is tortured and the mind left alone in silence…finally the universe and creation became bearable and it’s secret language was as clear as the blue sky that I stepped out to…

Cheesecakes are not made on assembly lines. perchè?

no, they are grown on the trees only sought by a seeker astray in the mirages of a sun drenched desert.

the likes of Zabriskie Point?

I feel it lacks history and that certain energy that follows and lingers through the centuries…so it was more the likes of the Gobi or the Sahara.

I reciprocate however I am empathically waiting for the desert to blossom like the saffron.

does the world seem the same to you over there? I felt like I was in a borrowed dream restless along the sidelines.

People live their lives and then? People get buried and people get married on the same day, is there more to life then this?

Why did a wise man once write “A name is better than good oil, and the day of death than the day of one’s being born”. Is there more to our soul then THIS?

a wise man’s son once said “vexation of spirit is a waste of thought, negative thinking don’t you waste your time”
you can’t go around the rest of your life perplexing over thoughts and questions that have found no answers in this lifetime and other lifetimes…”the more to life” part comes in when you take your eyes your mind from the wondering universes and bring them down to the details, to the cracks in the pavements highlighted by shadows of trees making the ground look like canvas that no one but earth can create…and so much more…all the time, every day, waiting to be discovered…happiness lies in that…that is life…it’s simple, it’s so clear when you become simple along with it.


Those were words of a serenade an ode to life, to beauty and to simplicity


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