a dream realized


Everything, when in the state of dreaming, is so much more approachable and believable from afar. It is more adored and lived through then when it becomes tangible, touchable.

Let’s say a vision, a dream, whether it be a person you’re craving for, a place you’re longing to be, a success you’re crawling to achieve, when it is realized and becomes true for the moment, the dreamer can’t believe it. This becomes so difficult to except that the person will just let it go and think, “I am not enjoying this because it is not how I saw it or dreamed it to be”.

Nothing is ever as exact as the dream, therefore it’s better. The unexpected quality that life brews up to present your dream is what makes it beautiful and memorable.

The dream is just an open road, showing that it is possible to walk it. It is a gateway.


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