back home


I watched a beautiful, ever so gentle sunset yesterday.

It was nice being out in the beach by the ocean by the waves that were crushing sand in my toes. Seeing the birds hang about like they just knew it all like they own it all. It was great to catch a sunset. To get soaked in its colors, to be apart of its daily ritual.

I feel like the sun knew I was coming out. I feel like the sun knew I had a talk with my heart, that I chose my heart that I went back to my heart and the sun wanted to congratulate me to let me know that I had come back to the world of passion. I feel like the world just welcomed me back in its perfect colors.

I’m glad I made it out to the beach. I’m glad I got to be…feet touching water, skin touching life. I’m glad to be back to where I feel at home, where the world shifts back to beauty and love and passion and truth.


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