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Inner Communication


Walking on glazed leaves fallen righteously at my feet.

You leave trails of magic for me to step upon, like bombs planted in a field they explode their shimmery components onto my day and onto my life. I want to find more of You in each day. I want You to indulge Yourself into my body and bring out love that smells so sweet as though a flower caught in the drench of summer heat as night time falls.

I am in love with the world with the promises the adventures that You bestow upon me. I am mesmerized at the grace at the sheer idea of how profound Your love stretches. I love the line “ask and you shall receive” it has been so since I have come to understand Your ways, Your presence. You walking with me, placing me where a moment demands me to be.

Sometimes, like all times.

Some things, like all things.

All ways, are like Your ways and my way,

and in the minutes,

in the few minutes it all appears as it was meant to.

You can break inside my skin.

i am found


So i was rummaging through my papers last night. Taking a nice scenic drive down my memories my past lives and i came across a questioner that i had done when i was 15 years old for a class. I couldn’t help smiling so joyously from the inside at the realization that i have remained constant in at least one thought, one frame of mind through everything that has happened and changed i have held onto this one idea Agape! It’s like finding treasure that makes the world shine even brighter than it already has been. I also found some notes i had written when i was in high school about how love really is the only way. All of the brilliant minds knew this one very simple notion. From John Lennon, Bob Marley, Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King Jr. and so on. These powerful beings embraced an absolute and they walked this earth with an enormous glow.

The Questioner
1. Who are you?
I am Sona, I would like to be Love.
2. What are my roots?
I am Armenian, I am not religious but i believe in God.
3. Who have I known?
I have known many teachers and friends. One philosopher and one pastor.
4. What have I done?
I have traveled like a gypsy. I have fallen and I have been found under the glow of a street light.

I love this! This makes me trust in my path even stronger!

me and my heart


It’s been a very long time since I’ve sat down and written passionately and genuinely about my life about where I am about my needs my wants about everything past, present and future. some days my soul feels like its lived so many different lifetimes. that’s because I’ve lived in so many forms have grown in many ways. my heart has been my truest friend the closest truth the best love. my heart and I have had our differences but for the most part we have loved and lived at peace with each other since I can remember. for the past year though, and I really do hope that it has just been this past year, my heart has tucked its self away underneath some heavy clouds. this has mostly to do with the fact that my mind had been slowly rising to power and gaining control over my precious heart. my mind being a hierarchy ruler has forced and pushed the magic of my heart into a silent corner where it has been waiting patiently for me to once again take its hand, take its love and give it love. place it on the highest of the high, listen to it, sing with it, let it take me once again inside its magical kingdom.