wild is the heart


After my first book of poetry came out, I remember how excited I felt. It was a whole new world for me. The world was full of possibilities and I was ready to seek them all out. I loved that book and nurtured it through the process of doing promotions, book fairs, poetry readings, radio and T.V. appearances.

Then came a period of not writing. Something that was very foreign to me. I had spent all my time in promoting my book that for a while nothing new was coming to me. I had come to a full stop in my creative process. This was, of course, annoying, irritating, and frustrating. I didn’t want to force write because my attitude toward writing is that it should come naturally in the moment. That feels more authentic to me. To capture a moment on pen and paper. To free the thoughts swirling around and expose it to the light.

Wild is the Heart, was born from an adventure I had in rediscovering life again through traveling. After a few years spent in the midst of some grand changes in my life and new expectations that binded me to a mundane form of living, I realized that I had to wake up and do it quick before the moment passed me by. And so I spent some time going within to find a way out, and I did and this book gives a glimpse of the life that entered back into me.


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