It seems to me, sometimes, that life and I have been long time friends even family. We know each other. I am comfortable with life and life is comfortable with me. Then there are times where it seems like life approaches me at some bar a total stranger trying to get my attention. In which case, life and I have to start from the beginning re-introducing ourselves trying to get to know each other. Complete strangers in an unfamiliar night. Trembling in each others thoughts to find the space where trust can take root once again.

Life changes all the time. One comes as one is leaving.

The only time I have ever known life as my dearest friend and companion was during my younger years. We roamed together day and night. I had full trust and that made us inseparable. But as I grew, too much came in between us. Either, life or I or we both pushed each other out. Maybe growing up and leaning more towards my thoughts becoming a singular being instead of an omni presence I lost the beauty of imagination and creation.

Now, we have to find each other again. From the early morning haze that settles upon us to the deepest black of night, we must chase down our monsters to make clear to each other who we are. We must rescue each other because we are each other’s first love. The best thing that ever happened to me…Life.


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