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Fire for our hearts.


Days creep in front in back and all around me. I am engulfed by the thickness of its hold on me. My senses collide into the eye of its cyclone. A thunderous moment virtuous in its path. Long has it been invisible but not in my eyes. My eyes have seen its marking on my skin, has seen the indentations of the blood that I have dropped for its presence.

I take you everywhere with me. I carry your burden, your past, present and your future. I carry you and feel your words over power my thoughts. Feel the pages fill as they empty me out. You take my hair and pull back the sea that swims inside my thoughts.

Ever see night stand at your sight? Collide with the wings of a flying fish, find the breath that has been long deceased. I find my eyes to still wander the towns pressed by tongues slithering across. Time stands on top as the blankets get pulled back uncovering flesh atop stripped flesh in friction in lust.

Looking back, I find a residue in the gravel that has fitted into the crevasses of my night. Vast is the thought that creates the space that transforms to grace and lights the ancient ways.

Tomorrow not today, always ahead in preparation for the battles begun. Night never sleeps. Dreams awake, and you may now find peace.

A month in memory of years gone by. Dark cloud cluster, swallow the love whole, left in distances words do not articulate, movements slow their pace becoming like statues outside of dreams. Mind pains the taking of swords, steps to one side while stones enter the field. All is at a halt, concealed from beneath mountains where volcanoes dwell building fire for our hearts.



I’ve lost track of days, time, maybe even existence. I have been alive through a different sound. The ocean knows now what desires have been kept inside. Alive in a paradise of my own mind.

I have never been so dirty in my life and enjoyed it in such abundance. It is the kind of dirt that has been. That is natural, that it is okay for it to have a place for it to explode in the fury of the sea in the boiling corridors of the sand. I have found here the kindness of strangers. The most amazing tales of travelers. It’s really never the place of travel, it’s more the people who bring that piece of earth to life.

I don’t know. Peace has become my body. Nothing exists here that shouldn’t be here. Life and true moments exist here.



it’s unbelievable how at home i feel in an airplane. Submerged in no one’s drama, not even my own. Spiritual at its best. if feel so much in such little space. Up here, I feel complete. I feel accomplished. I feel silent and serene. My being extends to all corners, adventure pounds my heart. A willingness to accept the unknown the untouched. At one with God, with myself with the essence of life and the core of love. I am absolute with the One. At home. this is my comfort.