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a wonderer who is dedicated to the richness of a moment and the belief that love conqures all!



I’ve lost track of days, time, maybe even existence. I have been alive through a different sound. The ocean knows now what desires have been kept inside. Alive in a paradise of my own mind.

I have never been so dirty in my life and enjoyed it in such abundance. It is the kind of dirt that has been. That is natural, that it is okay for it to have a place for it to explode in the fury of the sea in the boiling corridors of the sand. I have found here the kindness of strangers. The most amazing tales of travelers. It’s really never the place of travel, it’s more the people who bring that piece of earth to life.

I don’t know. Peace has become my body. Nothing exists here that shouldn’t be here. Life and true moments exist here.




it’s unbelievable how at home i feel in an airplane. Submerged in no one’s drama, not even my own. Spiritual at its best. if feel so much in such little space. Up here, I feel complete. I feel accomplished. I feel silent and serene. My being extends to all corners, adventure pounds my heart. A willingness to accept the unknown the untouched. At one with God, with myself with the essence of life and the core of love. I am absolute with the One. At home. this is my comfort.

Starving for Love



is starving for touch to send its wings into the deep sky.


wants to shower under the dust of the stars,

wearing nothing but the essence of its existance.


is starving, looking at you,

leaving dust that shines at your feet.


are starving for love to clothe your existence.

in a moment


When should I start? When is the moment? How does it begin? What will I say? Did I miss it? Should I wait for five minutes to pass or will the moment never come because I purposely waited for it. So then I will create the moment now. A moment in which I am bathing under velvet pink rain standing on top of yellow green orange leaves pressing against a tilting earth. In this moment, I am free.

There a moment, in time, but not this time, here with the pen and the paper.

I wonder what this night will bring. I wonder what moments it will craft beautifully and set them aside awaiting for someone to take part of it. To notice its efforts, to understand that it’s on your side. Will you notice the night? Will you feel its breath on your heart? Will you notice its eyes full of love, trying to tell you that love is abundant.

I remember certain moments, where night played center stage and broke me loose from convention. I remember sweetness in the days when I felt the hands of time its body rushing rose petals on my skin. moment inventing greater moments. Communicating within themselves, sparkling inside of joy of seeing my heart jump out of my stomach in such happiness at such brilliant moments.

Trembling, but never fearing night.

I am here before you naked in my thoughts.

Sky of honey see of diamonds covering me inside of hope.

To know me


you want to know my life, open a pomegranate and ask the seeds how I’ve planted them.
you want to understand me, speak to me with your
eyes. See me with the clarity of water.
you want to know me, ask the mountains.
They all know me. They know me very well.



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